When you have no spirit of life, power to step, and you will give up, lets find the point to be stronger


Music for Love story behind us


Stories between us


 When we met and more talked


“I want to tell you about my journey, wandering of life, to found my hidden dream. happy, sad, and cry but I am so very proud of me. Now, I’d like to share this some piece of my amazing adventure. I wrote it, always remember it – seen everyting of life. It is part of the path of life . I found encounter obstacles. I made mistakes. Be grateful for both. My obstacles and mistakes passed. And the only way to not make mistakes in this life is to do nothing, which is the biggest mistake of all. I just to close my eyes and try to find the way, and then follow the way till I was tired. I talked with you, about climate change , natural disaster as God wish , but it is another story . many peolple with black imagination to collect their wealth and let destroyed environtment. but they said to kept the peace on earth, and made a better place on earth. and wathc it tsunami, tornado, as punishment from God. You know Elon Musk? He is spectacular, briliant man, How many people as like Elon?

space copy

We are not alone

Space exploration

To apreciate what Mr Elon has doing now with Space x, He is working to revolutionize transportation both on Earth, through electric car maker Tesla – and in space, via rocket producer SpaceX.

i am a thousand winds

I am a Thousand Winds

Natural Anger

We want to build a world where the balance between people and the environment, value and profit, people’s beliefs and actions is maintained and where human, natural and capital resources become a force for good.

the way of life

The Way of Life

be Survive

Dont give up till get tired…. dont sorry when you have nothing , it will make you be stronger

my life is my advent

My Life is My Adventure

a journey of life

Father , tell me what you see , tell me what you feel, tell me what you found… true moment of you , wander to every where…. I know , my time is coming, the world always has change, I just follow my mind, to find my hidden dream, my life is my journey, my life is my adventure. 


Act of God

and if we are over limit to explore the Nature

There are many people with offer limit when they do anything, They said that They s doing the right thing, but the true is they destroy this earth.

the blessing land

Blessing Lands

if the guest take the home

The worst thing in 20 century s colonialisme , some big countries with their power to invasion the weak countires to got their resources. thats longtime ago story… this time I want to tell you a forgotten story


Papua, Jewel from the East

Calling to Home Land

paradise from the east Jewel never seen missing you for long time many kind smilling my brother and sister my home land home sweet home miss you, far far away from home seen you on my mind I wish tomorrow be there work it for you my homeland and my blood is the same Take me home see your smile

space copy

Lost in Space

regret after she has gone

Good morning Mr. Moon. So good to see your battered face again ,Iv told the moon about you and me and what we have seen


Time on your side

do the best what you must do

everyone has enough time, to complete your life destiny, even you are succes or not, never ever ask to you


Once time in your life

when you read your story in the past

everyone can be hero, even not be superman, behind your beloved family and your dream and dream, RUN RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIFE



covid19, war -Rusia & Ukraine

i am surprised what are we happened just know, covid19, war, and online sytem working. we can not shy away from this condition.


Mama. I miss you

when you go home and she has past away

Mama there is a love, you put your love in my heart still alive forever