Negeri yang Damai

Negeri yang Damai / PEACE ON OUR LAND

I wrote many song base java and Bali Music, I think that is very amazing and very unique. in other words this melody and rhythm will take us to fly in other dimension.

Nusantara is the Malayo-Polynesian name of Maritime Southeast Asia. It is a Javanese term which literally means “archipelago” in Old Javanese.[1] In Indonesia it is generally taken to mean the Indonesian archipelago,[2][3] while in Malaysia the term has been adopted to mean the Malay archipelago.[4]

The word Nusantara is taken from an oath by Gajah Mada in 1336, as written in the Old Javanese Pararaton and Nagarakretagama.[5] Gajah Mada was a powerful military leader and prime minister of Majapahit credited with bringing the empire to its peak of glory. Gajah Mada delivered an oath called Sumpah Palapa, in which he vowed not to eat any food containing spices until he had conquered all of Nusantara under the glory of Majapahit.

Today, Indonesian historians believe that the concept of Nusantara as a unified region was not invented by Gajah Mada in 1336. Earlier in 1275, the term Cakravala Mandala Dvipantara is used to describe the Southeast Asian archipelago by Kertanegara of Singhasari.[6] Dvipantara is a Sanskrit word for the “islands in between”, making it a synonym to Nusantara as both dvipa and nusa mean “island”. Kertanegara envisioned the union of Southeast Asian maritime kingdoms and polities under Singhasari as a bulwark against the rise of the expansionist Mongol Yuan dynasty in mainland China.

Today in Indonesian, Nusantara is synonymous with the Indonesian archipelago or the national territory of Indonesia.[8] In this sense, the term Nusantara excludes Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and the Philippines. In 1967, it has transformed into the concept of Wawasan Nusantara or “archipelagic outlook”, which regards the archipelagic realm of Indonesia, the islands and seas surrounding them, as a single unity of several aspects, including political, socio-cultural, economic, security and defensive unity.[9]
In Malaysia, the term is generally used to refer to the Malay archipelago or the Malay realm (Malay: Alam Melayu) which includes those countries.
In the 21st century, Nusantara can be considered the correct term to represent the Malayo-Polynesian region consisting of all the Austronesian nations.