I wrote many song base java and Bali Music, I think that is very amazing and very unique. in other words this melody and rhythm will take us to fly in other dimension.
Lir-ilir song is one of the results of Javanese culture in the form of sound art. lir-ilir song lyric contains a moral message that is loaded with religious value, responsibility, discipline, and hard work . Thus, the song which created by Sunan Kalijaga contains many moral messages that need to be assessed. So, in order to understand what are the moral values that contained in it, Here is a complete translation of the lyrics lir-ilir
(Wake up)

Lir-Ilir, tandurè wus sumilir
(Wake up, the plants already blossomed)
Tak ijo royo-royo tak sengguh temantèn anyar
(They were green as newlyweds)
Cah angon, cah angon, pènèkna blimbing kuwi
(Shepherd, Climb the star fruit tree.)
Lunyu lunyu yo pènèken kanggo mbasuh dodotiro
(Go on and climb the tree, even though it is hard and slippery; to wash your clothes)
Dodotiro, dodotiro, kumitir bedhah ing pinggir
(Your clothes were torn in the side)
Dondomana jrumatana kanggo sèba mengko sorè
(Stitch and reform it together and to worship this evening)
Mumpung padhang rembulanè, mumpung jembar kalanganè.
(While the moon was shining brightly and a lot of free time)
Yo surako surak hiyo.
(Shouted to cheers: yes)