Hi there!   I made Music for OmBass Music.  


I liked Beatles, Queen, Enya, Kitaro, Richard Claydermain, and the last I liked  Omar Khairat. They were great composser.and touch in deepest heart.

I worked in Maritime industry for Risk Asessment, thats no  easy work, and hard in field. I got some empty time to start my little hoby , play guitar for my self.

a piece of my story

In 1997, I was in front of Istana Merdeka – Monas, and  watched Independent day ceremony. I was not a guest and far from tribune and said to myself, once a time in my life. I will attend it inside with invitation from The president. and in 2017, its done. do you have any dream? every dream will come true… you must find the way to catch your dream,

One day, I have inspiration to make a song for maritime spirit. so, I wrote for  long time ago. The problem, I cannot sing…. The song with the lyrics was just a concept. I know that a something has  a timing and found match kind singer. finaly, I found a choir group. and done.

true lo ve album

I wrote 11 songs in True Love album performed by Nadya, She is beauty and nice voice. very talend. honesty, I cannot sing well, I give a bad sample for her. but She made it awesome. I have no preparation for album works. I dig my stories and combine with my music.

The Man and his stories

I met my another singer from England, Jimmy Melia . He is a lead vocal from his band, A rock Band. He sent me a messenger and ask to me to collaboration . I said yes, and sent to him my music. and awesome ” he wrote lyrics ” amazing” and vocal. Man and His Stories a EP collaboration with Jimmy Melia

Java kingdom

I made Etnic epic Traditional Music. I called “Java Kingdom” , contain some history of some Kingdom in Java Island in ancient decade. I wrote in combination etnic music and modern instrument, I just viewed our history in the past, to remind us that those are our history, the great elders.

melody in harmony

Early 2020,  I have a community ,  I have some friends to talked about SPACE X , rocket, launching, and others. I recorded all of the things what we have done song by song. yes, they are my inspirations. Lauren Anastasia Burton, is a chief of commander of Space x, and Erik Kershev . and others. I made 16 music compossition within 4 month. every song I I wrote I posted in our group. beautiful day, and wonderful Melody in Harmony  now in progressing to make an album 

Wish you All get many blessing and abundant joy