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About Us

Hi there!I made Music for OmBass Music
I liked Beatles, Queen, Enya, Kitaro, Richard Claydermain, and the last I likedOmar Khairat. They were great composser.and touch in deepest heart.
I wrote 11 songs in True Love album performed by Nadya, She is beauty and nice voice. very talend. Honesty, I cannot sing well,I give a bad sample for her, but She made it awesome. I have no preparation for album works. I dig my stories and combine with my music.

I met my another singer from England, Jimmy Melia . He is a lead vocal from his band, A rock Band.” He wrote lyrics ” amazing” and vocal. Man and His Stories a EP collaboration with Jimmy Melia.


Early 2020,I have a community , I have some friends to talked about SPACE X , rocket, launching, and others. I recorded all of the things what we have done song by song. yes, They are my inspirations. Lauren Anastasia Burton, is a chief of commander of Space x, and Erik Kershev . and others. I made 16 music compossitions within 4 month. every song I I wrote I posted in our group. beautiful day, and wonderful Melody in Harmonynow in progressing to make an album