dear friend

I make music just for enjoy ,  when I was a child , many type of  music make me interest to make own music.

Through music we have  a large part in life, if I hear my java  music to day , I have some sense that our elder create it seriously.

The people today are discovering just how important it is to society as a must. every one used earphone to make it privately. Obvious to many are the emotional responses we get when we hear music: it stimulates old memories, causes us to calm down or feel other emotions, and can even inspire us for the future. Now, studies are showing that it actually builds new pathways in the brain, strengthens old ones, and contributes a completely unique type of neurological stimulation.

I just to share our idea with  you. I try to collaborate to make it better even they don’t understand music concept, but they can feel beauty song.

The Musician not just make music for money. If the condition need to do something to change the world, he must do and think it use with heart. if you have find something wrong or anything wrong, you must change it with your beautiful melody, sometimes we found war, crime, etc. everyone can be a hero.  Musician can write music  to change the world.

warm regards,

Ombass Music