Learn Music for low budget – Autodidak Method

Learn Music for low budget – Autodidak Method

Music is universal Language, We can communication to everyone and shooting the heart.  When I was young , learning music is imposible, and exclusive area, no source and free literature, no free tutorial , and no youtube tutorial. provide by school of music and very hich cost.

I just to ask to a friend from school of music, how to learn if you cannot get to school of music.  She just give a partitur of some song what I Know the songs. She said that just follow the tune at written partitur. I still remembered, Thank you Lucy, now she is Electrical designer F35 in USA.

I dont want to teach some how to learn the music . I want to share and give you words “Just follow the paper sheet” with the song you knew and hear. hope it usefull. for some tutorial and mid format and other find it at download page.

Song and partitur material 

thank you regards,

Ombass  Musical

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